Letter to the Editor

Let’s support cyclone victims

Dear editor,
THE disaster that has befallen our brothers and sisters in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, who were hit by the devastating Idai is heart-breaking.
Hundreds of lives have been lost and many more left stranded. Properties, communication and power systems have been destroyed. Life has come to a halt and many have been relegated to destitution wholly depending on food relief.
While everyone is looking to international agencies like the United Nations systems to provide help. Individuals, companies, churches and countries, especially those in SADC, can help.
I urge the Zambian government to think of how they can help even in the smallest way. In such a situation, there is no help which is too small because even saving one life is help enough.
Let Zambia rise to the occasion, especially that it is a Christian nation, to demonstrate love to our brothers and sisters in affected neighbouring countries.
As a country, we need to realise that it is more blessed to give than to receive. The crisis provides us with an opportunity to give and be blessed.

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