‘Let’s strengthen our cultural heritage’


WESTERN Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu says there is need to continue strengthening Zambia’s cultural heritage as it defines, identifies and distinguishes Zambians as a people.

Mr Mubukwanu said the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage should depict the dignity of the people and uphold cultural diversity.
He said this during the All-Arts Festival at Mongu Stadium in Western Province recently.
“Culture defines who we are and sets us apart from the rest. Therefore, it’s important that this unique cultural heritage that our forefathers left for us is harnessed and preserved for our children and their children,” he said.
The festival, which was held under the theme, ‘Art key to human development’, attracted cultural groups from six districts.
Mr Mubukwanu said the festival is important as it presents an opportunity to showcase diversity of the cultural heritage.
He said the event provided a sound opportunity to share cultural experiences among various cultural groups and develop opportunities for cultural exchange within Western Province.
Mr Mubukwanu also said the vibrant performances by various cultural groups during the event demonstrated Zambia’s rich culture.
“As we have witnessed from the vibrant performances from the groups here, we can see that our culture is not stagnant.
“It is evolving, changing with times and flourishing, particularly in environments where respect for the past is coupled with fresh energy and inspiration,” he said.

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