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Let’s protect our parties from crumbling

Dear editor,
THE confusion and chaos that characterised the filing of nominations by both the opposition and the ruling party (Daily Nation, The Post and Daily Mail, June 1st, 2016) made sad reading.
It’s such a shameful development that even in this time and era, confusion and chaos can still take centre stage in our politics and democracy.
It is said that “an empire or kingdom toppled or destroyed by its enemy, can still rise again, but one which crumbles from within is destroyed forever. We only have one Zambia, that’s why we need to guard our peace so jealously.
Let us apply humility and maturity as we go about our campaigns for the August 11 elections. It’s important that the ‘One Zambia, one nation’ motto is upheld at all times.
May God bless our nation and its people.

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