Letter to the Editor

Let’s protect children from ruthless drug dealers

Dear editor,
IT IS sad to learn that many children are being introduced to drugs and alcohol in schools by unscrupulous people who are taking advantage of vulnerable children.
These people are heartless and do not seem to realise the irreparable harm they are inflicting on their victims.
Once children are hooked to these addictive substances and alcohol, it is difficult to rehabilitate them. That is why some children end up dropping out of school, which has a negative impact on their future.
Government should enact very stiff laws that will act as a deterrent to those who damage the lives of children.
These people are heartless and do not care about the lasting damage they inflict on their buyers; they are only interested in lining their pockets.
Furthermore, parents should be very vigilant all the time to always know who their children interact with and what they are up to all the time. This is a big problem that calls for collective efforts and vigilance of all as a way of protecting children. What is sad is that children are not safe anywhere. They are targeted even in places that were considered to be safe in the past.
Let us protect our children from these money-hungry predators.

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