Letter to the Editor

Let’s promote local tourism

Dear editor,
WE STILL have a lot to do in terms of local tourism.
To this end, credit must be given on the progress that has been made in building roads and other infrastructure such as hotels/ lodges as they are key in facilitating tourism development.
In terms of luring foreign tourists, it is hoped that current efforts to expand and modernise our airports will help attract major airlines to have direct flights into Zambia.
Increased direct flights will help boost numbers for foreign tourists.
Additionally, we need local direct flights from major towns into towns with strategic tourist attractions, such as flights from Ndola to Livingstone.
In Europe and America, domestic and foreign tourism is big largely due to affordable flights.
We therefore need more players in the aviation industry so that local flights can become a lot more affordable. The role that the airline industry can play in facilitating tourism development is huge.
Lastly, partnerships are key in the development of the tourism sector.
The different players must be able to work in partnerships and find synergies that can help foster tourism development.

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