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Let’s be optimistic with national soccer team

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to encourage fellow Zambians to take heart and be optimistic with our national football team.
The performance in Cape Verde was good, though it lacked goals.
Secondly, we have given chances to foreign coaches and for now, let us try our own.
Honour Janza has a good start, but what will help him even perform better will be our support.
He also needs the support of all local coaches.
If Janza fails, it will be our failure also.
My encouragement to Janza is not to succumb to pressure on who to field in a game.
Let him read the strengths and weaknesses of our opponents and use our players to capitalise on the weaknesses.
One example is the game against Mozambique. They were good in the air and easily countered crosses, but poor on the ground.
We should have played more on the ground than in the air.
Not every coach starts with wins. Some coaches learn along the way and, moreover, Rome was not built in a day.
But Janza should know that he is in the ‘hour of grace’ (where losses are acceptable).
Let him use it wisely to learn, then start to give us good results.
All the best.