Letter to the Editor

Let’s not destroy our country with social media

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my concern over the way social media is being used in this country.

The media has become a channel of communicating insults, lies, deceit, hatred, etc.
As the Bible says, what defiles a person is not what goes inside but what comes out that person.
In the same vein, it is not those insulted or hated or lied to who are defiled but those who insult, lie, hate and those spreading deceit to alarm the nation.
There is no doubt that these acts are inspired by the evil spirit.
Zambians should not forget that some people have made a declaration to make this country ungovernable as long as they are not in power, and the use of social media, has become the most effective tool for them.
This country will be heading for self-destruction if it chooses social media to be major sources of information regarding our national affairs. It extremely cheap and ridiculous for a person to invest all their energies, time and resources in something evil and destructive.
It takes someone who does not care about personal integrity and the one who does not care about building moral uprightness and focus on biblical principles for the salvation of one’s soul to engage in these vices.
It is now apparent that, fundamentally, the battle we are facing as a nation is not about political, religious or tribal divide, rather it is a battle between good and evil.
This country is safer in God’s hands than otherwise and if as a nation we want to make foolish experiments, let us do so at our own peril.
May the Almighty God continue to bless our nation.

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