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Let’s manage environment beyond agricultural show

THE 90th Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show opened its gates to the public on Wednesday under the theme ‘Managing the Environment for Growth’.
The country’s premier event, which is held annually in the capital city, Lusaka, provides a platform for business-to-business exchange in agriculture, agribusiness, trade information and commerce as well as emerging farming technologies, product innovation and value addition.
According to the Show society, over 1,000 companies are expected to exhibit at the six-day event.
In tandem with the theme, these companies are expected to showcase how, through their business activities, they are managing the environment for sustainable growth.
We believe this is important because in the wake of devastating effects of climate change there can be no sustainable growth without prudent management of our environment.
Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years.
Meteorological experts blame human activity such as industrial revolution and increased use of fossil fuels – coal and oil – as the major cause of global climate change.
Increased industrial activities, for instance, have greatly contributed to the amount of pollution emitted into the environment thereby threatening sustainability.
Deforestation has also continued to pose a threat to the sustainability of our environment. As the country diversifies into agriculture, there’s need to be cautious. We should not harm the environment through deforestation and bad farming practices.
Actually farmers who are exhibiting at this year’s Agricultural and Commercial Show should use this opportunity to educate the show-goers on good farming practices.
For instance, people would like to know how the soil’s fertility can be preserved through natural farming practices which do not require use of fertiliser.
This is the only way to ensure sustainable productivity for the benefit of future generations.
Experienced farmers should also take advantage of the show to educate new entrants into the sector on the importance of crop diversification in view of droughts we have been experiencing.
The droughts are indicative of the fact that it’s time for us to move towards drought-resistant crops such as cassava and sorghum, among others, if we are to guarantee food-security.
The show, being a marketplace of ideas, is a platform which both individual show-goers and businesses should take advantage of to learn new ways to manage our environment for the sustainable development of the country.
For instance, both individuals and businesses should be encouraged to plant trees in their environments to minimise the effects of climate change.
While the nature of the show may attract businesses with the sole intention of window dressing, we urge all exhibitors to take this year’s theme seriously.
We expect all businesses, whether agricultural or commercial, to ‘live’ the theme of the 90th Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show beyond the six-day event.
It is our hope that even after the show has long ended, exhibiting companies will continue to uphold the theme of managing the environment for growth.
In whatever we do both as individuals and businesses we should always be mindful of the impact on the future.
And this year’s Agricultural and Commercial Show theme brings that consciousness – that we need to prudently manage our environment for future generations and sustainable growth.

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