Let’s invest in our local health facilities

EVANS Ngoma.

FOR the citizens to fully enjoy benefits of being Zambian, it is a package that encompasses all ranging from political democracy to economic and social development.
These are some of the basics that make a country not only great but also attractive to investment. Zambia is no exception.
As BuyZed, our mission is, first and foremost, the continuous communication, lobbying, engagement and interaction on the need to create local and home-grown solutions to most of the challenges we are facing.
We note with pride that Zambians are slowly, steadily and gradually realising the importance of supporting our own across various sectors.
This we must continue to do as the benefits that lie herein are long term, which include creation of business and job opportunities for individual citizens, poverty reduction and building a good image for the country
Just to recap, as BuyZed we are driven mainly by four key focus areas:
a) Seeking to increase demand and consumption of local goods and services, support growth of local businesses thereby creating employment opportunities through deliberate efforts on preference of local goods and services by us the people.
b) Advocating value addition – converting and adding value to the abundant available raw materials and natural resources, be it in agriculture, mining, tourism, construction into a semi-finished or finished product fit for human consumption and use.
c) Direct benefit of local communities from God-given natural resources, be it minerals, water bodies and tourist sites.
d) Interface for stakeholder engagement and interaction among various independent stakeholders, key intent being meeting of mind, collective approach and pulling in the same direction.
We hope to be the voice and platform for Government – private sector cooperation. This is who we are.
Sometime in February this year, there was a buzzing noise around the separation of the Siamese twins by our local doctors, using available infrastructure and expertise.
We were all happy for such an excellent milestone and our call at the time has been the need to build on it for the betterment of the sector and ultimately for the citizens.
The recent riot at the University of Zambia (UNZA) brought to the fore again the inadequacy of our health facilities. The critically injured student was evacuated to South Africa for specialist services. We commend the Government for the good gesture.
We recognise that our health service provision has improved significantly across all the provincial hospitals but we could do more and our plea is, let us do more
The fact that we have skilled and experienced health professionals is a good step. The fact that a complicated surgery for the Siamese twins was done locally and successfully is more reason to be optimistic. We need to invest more in our health sector
We do not need white elephants having invested so much money in the procurement, training and all
The Government spends a lot in seeking specialised health services in South Africa, India and beyond. Those took deliberate decisions for prioritising development of the health sector and are now able to offer such services. As a country, let us take that step
Equally important is the fact that we can earn more from health tourism whereby people in the region will come and pay for specialised services.
We can rely on our God -given resource – the minerals – to realize this goal. We are committed to see this realisation. This is part of home-grown solutions to the national problem.
As BuyZed, our mission is to offer solutions and a platforms for stakeholder engagement so that collectively, we win
Remember it takes you and me to make ours but great.
The author is a founder of the BuyZed Campaign.

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