Let’s help Mozambique – HH


ZAMBIA has to join efforts to help defuse the insurgency in northern Mozambique to prevent the conflict from spilling over into the country. President Hakainde Hichilema says extremists in Mozambique are expanding their coverage area, hence the need to stop them urgently. “If we are not helping Mozambique, we are not helping ourselves. We know that they are expanding. Trouble anywhere is trouble everywhere,” he said last evening on return from Malawi. The President was in Malawi to attend a Southern African Development Community (SADC) emergency extraordinary summit on the conflict in northern Mozambique. President Hichilema said the development agenda his administration is driving will only be possible if there is peace and security in individual countries and the region as a whole. “Then we can dedicate our time and resources to development to avoid the consequences associated with instability such as medical expenses, trauma and loss of lives,” he said.
The President said Zambia will dedicate resources in line with SADC protocols to support efforts to end conflict in Mozambique. “If we don’t support Mozambique, the cost will be higher if the insurgency spreads to our territory. This is common sense and logical. We will CLICK TO READ MORE

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