Letter to the Editor

Let’s exhibit maturity, patriotism

Dear editor,
As we are getting near to our general elections, my appeal to fellow Zambians is, please let us exhibit maturity and patriotism.
The people who are advocating for change of government through violence by using pangas and other weapons are not true Zambians.
These people are bent on tearing down the nation.
Politics of name-calling and character assassination show how ill-conceived and immature some politicians can be.
The economic woes that President Lungu has found himself in, are not his making.
We all know that the whole world is going through the same challenges.
Therefore let us not be misled by irresponsible and unprincipled politicians, let every Zambian be reminded that we have enjoyed peace and unity for more than five decades.
We should therefore guard jealously this unity by ensuring that overzealous politicians are not given chance to rule this nation.
We should endeavour to continue building a rainbow nation of peace where everyone is able to walk tall without fear.
Let us shame criminals who are dividing Zambia
Luciano Mutale
Former senior trade  unionist

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