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Let’s embrace spirit of hard work, innovation

ZAMBIA has all the ingredients to prosper: perfect weather, abundant arable land, abundant rivers and groundwater, plenty of natural resources such as minerals and wildlife.
Yet poverty levels are glaring. It is logically unacceptable to have millions of people living in abject poverty amidst plenty.
Poverty breeds discontent because the poor feel that they are not benefitting from the national cake.
As far as the poor people are concerned, the national cake is being enjoyed by few people, which is not the case.
Given the natural resources this country is endowed with, more than half of the population is supposed to be living above the national poverty datum line.
However, it is not the case. But there is room to do more and to make Zambia a prosperous nation where its citizens will be happy and united.
This is why President Edgar Lungu has called on citizens to embrace innovation and hard work for Zambia to achieve the dream of a prosperous and united nation.
In his New Year message on Saturday, President Lungu called for love and respect for one another.
Mr Lungu says our journey as a country towards a more unified and prosperous nation will remain a pipe dream unless citizens embrace a positive attitude towards work.
President Lungu has correctly observed that no nation has prospered without its people working hard with enterprise to achieve their dreams.
He has, therefore, called upon all Zambians to embrace innovation and hard work for the country to achieve its common purpose; that of becoming a prosperous nation.
On his part, President Lungu is offering the leadership this country requires to prosper and has also put in place strong governance structures.
Government has created a conducive environment for hard work and innovation to come into play.
President Lungu’s Government has offered inspiring leadership with solid governance structures which have given people an enabling environment to thrive.
Being innovative will, therefore, pay off because workers’ gains will be commensurate with inputs.
President Lungu has persistently called for hard work among public service workers because they are the lifeblood of Government.
The public service implements Government’s programmes and when they are properly executed, the nation will see the fruits of their hard work.
Beyond doing routine work, President Lungu wants all citizens – both in the public service and private sectors – to embrace innovation by looking outside the box.
Hard work and innovation will ultimately result in the improvement of the lives of ordinary Zambians.
Hard work and innovation are enablers for sustainable development.
Let us adhere to President Lungu’s counsel by embracing innovation and hard work this year.