Letter to the Editor

Let’s disseminate accurate, cultural-appropriate messages on COVID-19

Dear editor,
I would like to add my voice on the COVID-19 in Zambia. Government is doing a commendable job in ensuring that citizens are protected and kept updated. There are many channels that Government is using to reach out to its people such as TV, radio and SMS. However, I am of the view that our Government should immediately consider subcontracting or engage ZANIS to undertake mass public announcements using the public address system using simplified local language instructions as well as make available posters, fliers and leaflets. Government must consider engaging local drama artists to conduct radio drama in various languages. There is ignorance in both rural and urban areas on the causes and effects of COVID-19. It is not too late for us to disseminate the accurate, simple and cultural-appropriate messages. But let’s also be innovative enough to engage our scientists and avoid being consumers of whatever is given to us by foreign countries. Be aware of vaccines and other malpractices that may be imposed on poor countries in the name of coronavirus. Zambia unite.
Beck Stanley Banda

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