Letter to the Editor

Let’s all celebrate Jubilee

Dear editor,
THIS year Zambia will be celebrating 50 years of independence on 24 October. Some people are looking forward to celebrating the Golden Jubilee while others are skeptical about celebrating the event citing high poverty levels among other social economic ills prevailing in our country.
However, this event is worth celebrating as this day is significant in that we remember and honour our gallant freedom fighters who fought for the peace we are currently enjoying. It should therefore not be politicised by anyone with political inclinations as a matter of fact. Zambia is our country and it is an oasis of peace in the world.
Whatever differences we might have should be set aside as we will soon be celebrating the Golden Jubilee.
This great event should unite all citizens of this country .Some people have the wrong notion that this is a Patriotic Front event and only members of the PF should participate in the celebrations. This is not true.  All the best to mother Zambia.

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