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CHIEF Chipepo.

Let’s calm down, pray for peace – Chipepo

CHIEF Chipepo of Siavonga district in Southern Province has called on the church to earnestly pray for continued peace and unity in Zambia.
Chief Chipepo urged citizens to use the Easter holiday and beyond to pray for peace and reconcile with their enemies so that peace can prevail in communities and the nation at large.
He said in an interview yesterday that the church should pray for peace among politicians, especially in the wake of the arrest of United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema, whose supporters have threatened to run amok in protest against the detention.
Mr Hichilema and five others have been charged with treason, disobedience to lawful orders, disobeying statutory duty (high way code) and use of insulting language.
“The current happenings, [arrest of Mr Hichilema and planned protests by his supporters], calls for all of us to kneel and continue praying that peace continues to prevail in the nation regardless of what is prevailing.
“Politicians at times go offside and forget about God.  The church should pray for them,” Chief Chipepo said.
He urged politicians to exercise restraint in everything that they do for the sake of peace.
“Both parties [UPND and Patriotic Front] are angry, and there is need for us to pray for wisdom for their leaders because it is not good to make decisions when you are angry,” Chief Chipepo said.
He said the country’s Christian faith and historic peace is being tested by the current happenings, and therefore the need to pray and ask God to show the country the way”.
The chief called on citizens to use the Easter holiday to pray for peace and forgive their enemies.
“In Luke 23:34, God tells us that vengeance belongs to him, so citizens should use this Easter to reconcile with their enemies,” he said.