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‘Let’s adopt proactive policy on energy’

GOVERNMENT should introduce a policy that will compel Zambians to use energy-saving bulbs to save electricity and eliminate load-shedding.
Power supply company,Zesco, managing director Cyprian Chitundu said Government should consider phasing out standard bulbs or increasing duty on their importation to promote the use of energy-saving compact fluorescent lumps (CFLs).
In 2012 Zesco launched a World Bank-funded ‘access to electricity for all’ programme, an initiative aimed at connecting about 50,000 households to the national grid and the distribution of a million energy saving bulbs to consumers.
The distribution of energy-saving bulbs has resulted in the power utility saving about 55 megawatts of electricity about half the size of the Victoria Falls Hydro-electricity power station in Livingstone.
“We need to completely stop the procurement of incandescent bulbs and this can be done by increasing duty on imports or completely ban the use of these bulbs in the country,” Mr Chitundu said in Lusaka yesterday.
He said ensuring access to electricity to all communities will go a long way in uplifting people’s livelihoods.
Mr Chitundu said Zesco had also proposed to Government to consider reserving electricity generated from the Kariba North Bank and Kafue Gorge Hydro-electricity power stations for domestic consumers while electricity from the upcoming stations be used for commercial applications to reduce energy cost.
“Government should reserve the power that we have from Kariba and Kafue gorge to the people as it is cheap and has already been paid for so that they can continue paying a lower price and businesses can buy from new stations that are a little bit expensive,” he said.

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