Letter to the Editor

Let us take leaf from Tanzania on minerals

Dear editor,
FIRST and foremost, I write to commend President John Magufuli of Tanzania for his pragmatic stance on trying to serve his country from minerals

tax evasion.
Tanzania has realised that there is a huge scam involving minerals tax evasion through unpaid taxes by main mining companies in that country.
Zambia, and indeed other African countries, should surely take a leaf from the glaring evidence that the investigation team in Tanzania has unearthed.
Zambia being a major copper exporter has to tighten its laws pertaining to minerals that we have continually complained of being exported in big quantities without corresponding financial benefit to the country.
The tax frauds being experienced in most mining firms need bold decisions to be meted out by those in authority world over to abate it.
Tax fraud is most times facilitated by our own educated accountants who know how to elude the grip of those in government corridors, to the benefit of their masters and indeed themselves.
It is, however, encouraging that Zambia Revenue Authority has finally realised this challenge and has gone a step further by employing qualified chemistry copper examiners to determine the grade that these mining companies export.
Before then, ZRA had no capacity to know whether the minerals being exported are of high grade or low grade to tax them accordingly.

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