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Let us Stop Issuing reckless comments

Dear editor,
ALLOW me space in your widely read newspaper to react to some of the reckless comments relating to the current political situation is this country.

First and foremost, most of these comments border on favouring individuals or groups of individuals at the expense of the well-being of our nation.

I wonder why much more dust has been raised following the arrest of UPND leader and no dust was raised following the displacement of innocent people in Namwala during the last general elections.
Further, no dust was raised over the confusion in Mongu which led to the arrest of the UPND leader which had the potential to plunge this country into chaos.
Who is protecting who here? Do we think of the plight of the defenceless and helpless women and children who are at the receiving end when there is civil strife in a country? Now, we are talking about the country being divided. Is this not because of tribal and regional politics that we are deliberately allowing to thrive? Who is to blame for this? Why should the EU be concerned about the situation of one politician when it comes to human rights but failed to express the same concern when a number of people were displaced in Namwala due to political violence?
Are these displaced people less human than the arrested politician? The truth is that even the EU has its own interest in this and their interest is far detached from the interest of the peace- loving Zambians. They should not pretend to us that their government can tolerate any nonsense that has potential to cause civil strife all in the name of promoting democracy or human rights.
My message to them is that please leave us alone. We are a country of laws and that is for a reason. We may be poor but we have our peace and dignity.
May the Almighty God continue to guide our nation.