Letter to the Editor

Let us quit tribal talk, embrace Ubuntu

Dear editor,
BEFORE the just ended presidential election a lot of sentiments concerning ethnicity emerged.
This was more evident in the regionalised voting patterns for the top two contenders.
However, I do not remember hearing any tribal remarks from president Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema himself.
The word tribe means a group of primitive people. It is sad that this group of primitive people who are fanning tribalism is growing instead of diminishing in this century.
We shall never go back to living in the caves but it seems we still have many people who have clung to cave manners despite undergoing modern education.
In Zambia we love one another. No wonder we have Nyambe Mulengas, Mutinta Zulus and many other products of mixed marriages.
Our nation is built on a stronger foundation of One Zambia, One Nation.
No few selfish individuals will break the Ubuntu among us. Let us embrace one another despite our differences in political opinions.

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