Letter to the Editor

Let us protect our wildlife

Dear editor,
ON JUNE 8, 2017, on ZNBC 19:00 hours news, Southern Province Minister [Edify Hamukale] was complaining to ZNBC director

general [Richard Mwanza] on the levels of poaching in Lochinvar National Park.
One may ask as to what we are doing as a country to allow such levels of poaching. The figures of the slaughtered animals he mentioned was enormous.
It is disheartening to hear that cats in this national park have become extinct. We are busy preaching about promoting tourism and on the other hand we are allowing poachers to deplete our God-given wildlife.
I doubt if we have trained game rangers who are capable of protecting our animals, looking at the extent of poaching in this national park. Get a leaf from our friends in Kenya and Tanzania how they have managed to secure wildlife and it is attracting a lot of tourists, hence more financial income for their countries.
With this negligence, I doubt if our children will ever find wild animals, instead they will be seeing them on papers just as we are seeing the dinosaurs on papers because they are no more.
Let’s not be good at singing songs of tourism, NO! But to protect our wildlife. The ministry concerned should come in swiftly and see to it that this negative trend is put to a halt. At one time foreign planes used to land in our national parks and poachers killed our animals, surely can you say our game management areas are protected?
Something should be done.

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