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Let them be together, court advises families

TWO families of Lusaka’s Ngómbe Township were advised by the Chelstone Local Court, to let things be and allow two young lovers to be together for the sake of peace.
This was during a compensation for insults case where Charity Phiri, 22, of Ng’ombe Township, accused her neighbour Esnart Phiri, 23, also of Ng’ombe Township, of labelling her a prostitute and sperm chamber.
Charity told Principal Magistrate, Mary Namangala and Senior Court Magistrate, Bertha Zulu, that Phiri’s hurtful remarks were made earlier this month on a day she went to Phiri’s brother’s house to collect a brazier.
When Charity returned to her house, Phiri followed her and showered her with insults for reasons she did not understand.
However, Charity also shared with the court that a few years ago she was in a relationship with Phiri’s brother, Francis and had a child with him.
“I am here so that she tells me which doctor says I am on ARVs since she says I want to kill her brother,” Charity said.
Phiri said her grandmother had seen Charity sweeping her brother (Francis)’s yard on the material day.
She said she approached Charity and told her to leave her brother alone because he was too young to be with her and she was already married with two children.
“I know she slept at my brother’s place that day,” Phiri insisted. “He is too young to keep her.”
She said Charity was jumping from one man to another but wanted to place responsibility on her brother over a child which was not his and that had not even been introduced to her family.
And Phiri’s brother, Francis Phiri, who was speechless at first, managed to tell the court that Charity had not spent the night by his place but had only gone to collect a brazier.
He said he did not know whether one of the children Charity had was his as she had not approached him when she fell pregnant.
The court upheld Charity’s claim in passing judgement and concluded that the confusion between the families was likely because of the romantic attraction between Charity and Francis.
Phiri was not fined but the court advised the families to find a way of getting along so that the issue did not get worse.

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