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Let the miracle in you shine – Part one

BILLIONS have and are still passing through the world but very few record notable pedigrees either as sung or unsung heroes.
Among the notables, some regrettably make a sad reading while others have adorable stories that leave us wishing they would be replicated.
I would note the few notables with adorable pedigrees as people who succeeded in life. I know many times success is mistakenly equated to accumulation of wealthy.
True success is not measured by the accumulation of material wealth but by how much has been brought out of you to touch others around you.
One notable example is Mother Theresa the Saint of Calcutta. The woman is well known not because of the amount of wealth she accumulated but the golden heart that touched the needy in their critical moments.
Therefore, success is measured by the value someone adds to the world as he or she brings out the rich deposits within so that others’ lives are positively impacted.
The question is, why is it that out of the billions that pass through the world only a few adorable notable stories are recorded?
They could be many contributing factors for such stories to go unrecorded. People whose success is not recorded may be classified as unsung heroes.
One of the reasons is that many people in the world are escaping who they are and resort to imitation or emulation.
Remember those in the business of imitating or emulating will never beat the original because they always play a catch up game.
Such people live misplaced lives. I call it misplaced lives because they have abandoned who they are and are focusing on what they are not.
Self-control positions us to live our adorable lives in the midst of other notable and respectable lives.
Living personal adorable lives begins with appreciating one’s uniqueness as a rich diverse that has invaluable contribution to the already existing wealthy of variety.
It is important to note that we are created different from others so that our success is not a replication of others.
This means that God can, through you, avail the world with a unique miracle that has never been and will never be.
Escapism from who we are is self-misplacement that results in losing the opportunity to live life as God’s miracle to the world.
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