Letter to the Editor

Let the law take its course

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my concern on the careless statements made by some sections of our society in relation to the incarceration of the UPND

leader. What must be known is that it is in the interest of all well-meaning Zambians to see to it that this politician receives fair trial. The use of agitation, threats and intimidation by those supporting him will not work. I urge the law enforcers to be firm in dealing with people who want to cause confusion in our peaceful nation.
The Bible tells us that authority is given by God and it is unfortunate that some church mother bodies have chosen to ignore this fact. These are wolves in sheep’s skin whose views must not be respected. If they were wise, they should have known that the law enforcers are acting in the interest of the whole nation and for future generations. Zambians will not allow anyone to divide this nation.
If you hear the insults and provocations that President Lungu has received from his opponents, you will realise that the man is not a dictator. Take a leaf from other African countries and educate us where you have seen such behaviour being tolerated.
If you are good and patriotic citizens, you should respect the rule of law and allow it to take its course. May the Almighty God continue to guide our nation.

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