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Profile: LAVINA Chikenge, 88-year-old casts her ballot at Mapachi polling station in Zambezi West. Picture: AGGREY BANDA

Let peace prevail after voting

Dear editor,
The days after voting are expected to be as ordinary and peaceful as all other days. According to the Bible, “the lot puts an end to quarrels and decides between powerful contenders”(Proverbs 18:18 ESV).
Yes, during the campaigns the parties could not avoid quarrels and mud-slinging because each party feels it is better than the other.
But voting settles the matter as it accords people an opportunity to determine the winner among contending parties.
All in all, every Zambian must act responsibly to preserve peace as the results start to trickle in.
The purpose of the media is not to decide the winner but simply announce the results as exact as they come in.
Lastly, the late Michael Sata left free lessons to party presidents on how to behave after results. Presidents of the various political parties can help maintain peace after the elections.  Peace to Zambia.