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GOOD hair colour can be so much more than, well, just colour. It can play up your features, give you a healthy glow, and even slim your face, lifestyle writer Melanie Rud believes.
You can turn a good haircut into an amazing one by choosing a colour that complements your style. If you have long layers of hair, add highlights throughout.
“They accentuate each individual layer and add definition to the varying lengths,” explains Marie Robinson, colourist and co-owner of Marie Robinson Salon.
Strategically placed hair colour, like make-up, enhances what you’ve got.
If you want your face to look less round, ask your colourist to weave lowlights that are slightly darker than your base colour all along your hairline. “This adds depth that helps to accentuate your facial contours and make your features seem more angular,” Robinson says.
Adding colour to your hair can make it smooth and super shiny.
Advantages of hair colouring
Improves your appearance
Colour treatments are excellent ways to change your hair, according to your mood. If you easily get tired of the same look, you can enhance your appearance by changing your hair colour.
Customised shades
You can get your hair done professionally and achieve customised results, for instance, say you are attending a special event and you want to move away from your usual look.
Disadvantages of hair colouring
You cannot use the same hair products for normal hair if you have colour-treated hair. The reason is simple-regular hair products will strip the dyes faster or will dry out colour-treated hair.
Hair Damage
Adding colour to your hair dries it and it becomes brittle. It is therefore not advisable to make it a habit.
Freshly coloured hair has thinner texture than natural hair because of the chemicals in the dye. You can, however, use hair products like hair mousse to improve texture and prevent thinning.
Limited Hair Styles
Colouring the hair requires major adjustments for those who love to style their hair. Because colour treatments aren’t exactly kind to the hair, you have to limit your hair styles to simple brushing or using hydrating products.
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