Letter to the Editor

Let church preach peace, love in dialogue

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to comment on the issue of the national dialogue which is today.
My comment is that the three church mother bodies spearheading this dialogue must make sure they handle this dialogue with a lot of wisdom and knowledge from God, but if they just go there to present their own wisdom because they know how to speak good English or doing it for their selfish gains, they will just bring disgrace on themselves.
They should pray to ask God to give them wisdom and guidance, or else this dialogue will just bring confusion. Pastors and the church will be attacked with negative comments.
It is known that light and darkness cannot go together. Politics is said to be a dirty game because it involves insults, lies, attacks, fighting and killings sometimes.
Church is peace and love etc but bringing opposition politicians together with the ruling party, pastors or bishops have to make sure they use and raise issues of comfort, peace, love and unity to both sides for the benefit of the nation. We do not want confusion.

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