Letter to the Editor

Lessons from Govt/mines stand-offs

Dear editor,
It is a well-known fact that mine investors come to invest in Zambian mines for profits and not losses.
It is also a known fact that Zambia is a haven of mineral resources hence the influx of investors in this sector.
It is, however, sad that whenever there is a change in the tax regime,investors are quick to blackmail the government with immediate closure resulting in massive job losses.
This should be a learning point for our country. These minerals are ours as Zambians, held in trust by our Government and we should not always dance to the tune of investors.
Mining investment contracts should be understood broadly before signing them to avoid the mines holding Government at will.
Government would never want a large number of workers to be offloaded on the streets through closures.
Who needs who here? Let there be openness in the investment profiles from the start to avoid stand-offs and blackmails. While Government will always care for Zambians, investors will always care for their profits from our mines period.

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