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Lessons from Chingola

HAVING lived in Chingola for almost a decade from the early 1970s to the early 1980s, news about suspected ritual killings was depressing, to say the least.
Apart from some lives which were reportedly lost (although there was no hard evidence), riots and looting by the agitated residents to people being gassed, the situation in Chingola was traumatising.
Imagine that families were failing to sleep. At night, they cuddled together as they anticipated the suspected ritualists to strike – either to be killed by pangas (machetes) or gassed.
For all I know, Chingola was, until the fateful incidents, one of the most peaceful towns not just on the Copperbelt but in Zambia as a whole.
It is one mining town in which you find people not only welcoming and helpful but smiling most of the time.
Those credentials added to Chingola being the cleanest town in Zambia.