Lemon finalises Zambezi trek

BRITISH explorer and conservationist David Lemon is today expected to arrive in Tete, Mozambique to mark the end of his ‘great trek’ along the stretch of 2,574 kilometres of the Zambezi River, from source to the Indian Ocean.
FIRST Quantum Minerals (FQM) spokesperson announced in Lusaka yesterday saying his company sponsored the last leg of the long walk from Siavonga to Mozambique.
“We are very proud and delighted to be part of this long walk from Ikelenge through Angola, Zimbabwe and finally Mozambique. Our policy really is to support environmental protection and conservation of nature hence our support to David,” the spokesperson said.
The 69-year-old who embarked on his journey from Ikelenge in 2012, (Zambia), through to Angola, Namibia and Botswana back to Zambia, Zimbabwe and finally Mozambique walked 2,574 kilometres.
Mr Lemon overcame many challenges which includes losing his hand held geographical position system (GPS). He traversed the vast expanse of the Barotse floodplains.
The explorer is using his journey to raise awareness and support for elephant conservation across the Zambezi valley.
“The terrain is particularly hard and I don’t think there will be too much habitation should things go wrong and I need help. I will get through it though. I have a satellite phone, but I am not really sure how to use it!” Mr Lemon said just before setting out on his long journey at the end of April in 2012.
While some people were concerned about what would happen to him at the start of his journey, Mr Lemon was resolved and seemed ready to embark on the adventure ahead of him.
Before his departure, he ate a little snack and drank ‘pure’ water from the source, posed for photographs and he took the first step at exactly 14:00 hours and within few minutes he disappeared into the dense forests that engulf the source of the mighty river.

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