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Lemon completes 3,100km Zambezi trek

BRITISH explorer David Lemon boards a First Quantum Minerals Limited aircraft at Chindi airstrip in Mozambique yesterday. – Picture by BRIAN MALAMA.

From BRIAN MALAMA in Chindi, Mozambique
BRITISH explorer David Lemon has successfully completed his journey of traversing 3,100 kilometres of the Zambezi River in 292 working days.
Mr Lemon, who started his trek along the full stretch of one of Africa’s longest rivers on April 25, 2012, finally made his last stride at Chindi in Mozambique on September 7.
“My trek along the Zambezi River has been very hard. Challenges have been the countryside. It has been difficult,  the terrain and the language barrier,” Mr Lemon said.
He said it has always been his dream to walk the full stretch of the Zambezi River and to reach Chindi where it pours its waters into the Indian Ocean. .
Mr Lemon said he did not embark on such a difficult task at the age of 69 for recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records but for the love of wildlife conservation.
“I have heard about some crazy people who eat 200 pies in two minutes and get recorded in the book of world records but not for me!” Mr Lemon said.
During his trek between Zimbabwe and Mozambique near the Cahora Bassa rapids, Mr Lemon collapsed and was airlifted to South Africa for treatment before returning for his final leg.
“I collapsed deep in Cahora Bassa gorge; I was evacuated to Johannesburg where I was diagnosed with two strains of malaria. Well some people thought it was my heart failing, no. I didn’t actually know about the two strains of malaria.
“At Siavonga, I faced another challenge, I was tired and bruised, I lost 34 kilogrammes of my weight, I was originally 93. I went down with malaria and I was finished,” Mr Lemon recounted.
The highlight of this walk was total freedom to achieve what he wanted to do and this, he said, was a very special feeling.
Mr Lemon, however, challenged the Zambia Tourism Board to promote Sioma Ngwezi Falls.
“Sioma Ngwezi Falls are just downstream the Victoria Falls in Livingstone and yet no one talks about it,” Mr Lemon said.

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