Left to PlayStations

Soccer Review with KELVIN KACHINGWE
IT IS not the first time that we are being deprived of football action. But we have not had anything like this before.
We are used to the season being closed – for off-season – but not one induced by disease.
The coronavirus has impacted us in ways we never imagined when the outbreak was first reported in Wuhan, China, last year.
Few would have imagined that the coronavirus would become the biggest global crisis in decades.
Sport has often times seen us through crisis, able to offer healing. But when people are dying, it is difficult to even talk about sport. Why would you want to look at the Super Division table when lives are being lost? Why would you want to ask the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) when the Absa Cup will be played? Or the league resume?
What is needed now is of course a vaccine for COVID-19. The coronavirus struck at a crucial point for not just football, but sport in general.

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