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LEBOGANG with her mother

Lebogang has eyes on marketing career

THOUGH she spends most of her free time singing, writing songs and playing the guitar, Lebogang Mutale is far from becoming an artiste or pursuing a career in the musical field.

Lebogang, 17 and a former Grade 12 pupil at David Kaunda Technical Secondary School wants to pursue law or marketing.

“I want to do law or marketing, mostly marketing because I believe I can succeed in this field and I also have the passion for the marketing field,” she said.
The second in a family of two, Lebogang said education is not only about passing or getting good grades, but applying the knowledge and skill one has gained.
She said education provides people with various opportunities in life and can be used as a tool for sustainability and survival.
“At the end of the day, education is not all about passing, but learning about new things and applying them to address various life situations. It is therefore important for one to take every opportunity to learn,” Lebogang said.
She said education broadens one’s understanding and makes it easier for one to relate to society and the events around.
Lebogang she said she wants to use her career to become successful and become the breadwinner of her family. While at school, her favourite subjects were English and civic education.
“Once educated, a person is able to contribute to national development by utilising the skill they have acquired at school. Education also makes one literate,” she said.
Lebogang has a dream to travel to South Africa so as to explore that country’s life opportunities and culture.
She is of the view that it will be easier for her to relate to the people of South Africa because its culture is similar to Zambian’s.