Leave miners alone, politicians told

NATIONAL Union of Miners and Allied Workers president James Chansa has advised politicians against using mine workers to advance their selfish ambitions.
Mr Chansa said in an interview yesterday that politicians should leave miners to do their work.

He said it will not be in the interest of miners to participate in what he termed as cheap politics being championed by some politicians.
“As a union, we would like to appeal to political parties to desist from using miners to champion their cause,” Mr Chansa said.
He also urged the miners to leave politics to politicians and concentrate on their work.
“We are appealing to mine workers in Zambia not to participate in cheap politics. They must leave politics to politicians,” Mr Chansa said.
He said it is imperative for miners to concentrate on things that could improve their welfare as opposed to engaging in political schemes with some selfish politicians.
“Our lives depend on mining, so all miners should concentrate on work that can improve their welfare and the country’s development,” Mr Chansa said.
He said the mine workers’ union remains committed to defending and protecting the interest of miners through effective representation on industrial matters.
Mr Chansa said the labour movement in the mining sector has an obligation to protect its members.


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