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Learn from Positives, Negatives

PARENTING is a skill that every parent and guardian keeps on learning. Even parents and guardians make mistakes in the process of perfecting parenting skills.

Unfortunately some of the parents never grow in the art of parenting. Does this sad state of affairs deprive children and dependants a learning opportunity? It all depends on the choice the child or dependant makes because it is possible to learn from both positives and negatives.
In this case you can choose to assume the victim role and blame parents or guardians on the way they play their parental role. The victim’s attitude is retrogressive because it paralyses the effort to transform one’s life for the better. It may lead to the highest level of poverty; the poverty of human dignity. Therefore, living as victim is the greatest mistake that can ever be made because it will only worsen things.
Alternatively you can also choose to assume the victor’s attitude that will lead to working out a solution for challenges created by parental shortfalls. Ability to see the mistakes parents make indicates knowledge of what is right. Observation of mistakes without working out solutions reduces the observer into a fault-finder while those who find solutions to the faults they identify are positive contributors to their lives and the wellbeing of entire humanity.
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