Letter to the Editor

Leaders must know people who genuinely appreciate them

Dear editor,
AS A leader, you must know that it is not everyone who praises you who genuinely appreciates you. Most people only appreciate what they get out of you. When your cistern runs dry they will abandon you, or even curse you to your face in preference to a better or newer provider.
It happened to Jesus Christ. Among those who were shouting the loudest ‘crucify Him’ were those who had attended the wedding at Cana and had the longest swills from the wine, those that were healed or had relatives who were healed, or had been part of the thousands who were fed from a few buns and fishes.
Some were even among those that were a few days earlier shouting the loudest ‘Hossanahs!’ during His triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
But they instead chose Barabbas the ring leader of the local terror gang. Don’t be fooled by accolades. Bembas say ‘Ameno mafupa.’ I am just passing.

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