LAZ meeting in court

HIGH Court.

THE Law Association of Zambia has moved to stop the High Court from ordering its executive to call for an extraordinary general meeting.
This is in a case in which four Lusaka lawyers have petitioned the

LAZ council to call for an extraordinary general meeting that will discuss a vote of no confidence in the council and other association office-bearers.
The lawyers requested the LAZ executive to convene a meeting to debate the vote of no confidence in the council, saying the vote should oblige the council to resign.
The lawyers, Kelvin Bwalya, Hobday Kabwe and Robson Malipenga, said the LAZ council has been requested not to chair the meeting because they are the subject of the debate.
It has been contended that the debate motion will involve LAZ president Linda Kasonde and that she and other members of the council should be impartial in conducting the meeting.
However, the LAZ executive has asked the High Court to dismiss the proceedings, stating that the application is irregular.
According to a summons to dismiss the application filed by LAZ, it has been contended that the proceedings have not disclosed the written laws and rules of court upon which the application was made.
The LAZ council also argues that the application before the court does not include a statement of question on which the forecasters are seeking the direction of the court.
It has submitted that the application by the lawyers does not contain a concise statement of the relief claimed to identify the cause of action.
The LAZ council has further submitted that setting the dates of hearing of the case and adjourning the matter to today is contrary to the rules of the Supreme Court.


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