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Larry Maluma hits the road


AUSTRALIA-BASED Zambian musician Larry Maluma will be taking to the road with shows lined up in various locations of that country for the next two months.
Larry, who was here in July last year to release his debut album Ulemu, which he recorded over three decades ago at DB Studios and MultiMedia Complex in Lusaka, confirmed the tour to the Weekend Mail in Lusaka.
“It’s the festive season in Australia. I am just getting ready to take my music to the people. I will be on the road all of March and April starting from South Australia [Adelaide] then go up north through Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle, Byron Bay, Brisbane and Noosa Heads before heading back to Melbourne.
“I will also be doing some interviews along the way,” Larry said in an email to the Weekend Mail.
With 11 studio albums and more than 15 music video clips to date, Larry is a major contributor to the Zambian and Australian African roots and reggae scene.
Even his first and second albums, Confusion and One Man’s Poison, which are on vinyl, remain popular with people from different parts of the world making inquiries about them. One Man’s Poison has since sold out.
The buyers are mostly record stores in the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Japan, United Kingdom and United States.
The feedback has excited Larry.
“It’s been interesting and exciting to get some positive feedback,” he says.
One record dealer from Japan by the name of Jerome wrote back to Larry after receiving the records: “Thanks Larry! Records arrived safe and sound. Great music! Thanks to internet we rediscover stuff from the past.”
Another one wrote: “Hi again Larry! Mesmerised by this record. Would it be possible to get five more?”
“Received the package and love the record so much! We put these in our shop already and they are selling really well, any chance we could get some more copies from you?” another one wrote.

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