Lands Tribunal tables 38 cases

THE Lands Tribunal sitting in Ndola will consider 38 cases this week.
Registrar for the Lands Tribunal Michael Chisengele said in an interview yesterday that over 100 cases were received but that only 38 have the necessary legal backing.
“We have so far opened 38 cases for the tribunal to consider. But we have received over 100 cases but we are screening them [to determine] if they are fit for court,’’ he said.
Mr Chisengele said the tribunal would not consider other cases that involve squatters without proper documents to defend their cases.
“As a squatter, obviously you do not have the right to sue. So, we are screening and analysing such matters and so far the cases that we have considered are 38,” Mr Chisengele said.
Most cases involve squatters who have no documentation but want to obtain title deeds.
Mr Chisengele said many people think that they own land once they start to live on it, neglecting the procedure on how to be legal owners.
“There is need to sensitise people on land acquisition procedures. We are advising them to follow correct procedures,” Mr Chisengele said.
Other cases involve land which is on title but not yet developed and is offered to another people.
Mr Chisengele said there may be need for the Lands Tribunal to return for more sittings depending on the number of cases it would receive.
The sittings, which started yesterday, end on Friday.

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