Letter to the Editor

Landlords, tenants need education on tax

Dear editor,
UNTIL recently, the ZRA invitation to all landlords and tenants alike to demand payment of rental income tax is a move that has been received with mixed reactions.
First we received SMS messages calling upon us to attend mobile tax clinics in various places.
Because of the high rate of urbanisation, we have a lot of unplanned urban settlements in all towns in Zambia.
I stand to be corrected. I want to believe that the majority of the urban population lives in these unplanned townships perhaps because of low income and affordable rentals.
The method of payment by many tenants is usually monthly and it is the order of the day to find people shifting from one house to another. All the landlords know for sure that they are supposed to pay ground rates to the councils but very few landlords comply.
The tenant leases in these unplanned settlements are by word of mouth and there is no written documentation.
I write to support the move by ZRA to collect the rental income tax but a lot of education needs to be done.

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