Letter to the Editor

Landlords should take interest in landscaping

Dear editor,
I WRITE to urge everyone who has property such as houses or office blocks to take interest in maintaining their surroundings.
It is important for the property owners to remember that while the tenant may take good care of the inside of the rented house or office, only a few will have interest in landscaping the yard and surrounding area.
This is especially true in yards where there is more than one house rented by different clients. Each tenant will wait for the other to keep the outside clean, resulting in unkempt yards.
I suggest a few options for the property owners to ensure the yards are well maintained.
First option is to hire a landscaper, caretaker or gardener. Specify to them that their job is to plant flowers, maintain the lawn and where possible start and maintain the garden. This individual can be paid directly by the landlord.
The second option is for the landlord to ask the tenants to contribute funds towards keeping the surroundings clean. Where they refuse, the landlord can simply add an extra figure to the rental and let this go towards payments for garbage collection and gardening services.
The last option for the landlord is to physically take charge and inspect their properties often to ensure that garbage is collected and the place is clean.
Whichever way, if the ‘Keep Zambia Clean’ slogan is to make any sense, we must all actively take part.
Concerned citizen

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