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Landlord ordered to return tenant’s property

A TENANT has dragged her landlord to court for withholding her household goods after she vacated the house.
This was in a case in which Agness Mumbukwanu, of house number D 115 Indeco Township Extension, sued Simataa Tawila of C 197 Indeco Township in Livingstone.
Mumbukwanu is demanding to be given back her television set, wooden glass table, radio,,,, shoes and adaptor. She said she left the house when she was admitted in hospital.
She told the court that she left her property in the house for fear that her husband would get the property.
Mumbukwanu said she does not owe her landlord any money for rentals because her husband and mother paid. She said she used to pay K250 monthly rentals. CLICK TO READ MORE

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