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Landlord locks tenant out of house

CAPITOL SOCIAL HALL PADLOCK/JAN.28,2013:Acting Gov. Agnes Magpale ordered the padlock of the Capitol Social hall and other Session hall to prevent the supporter of Suspended Gov Gwen Garcia to used the function hall.(CDN PHOTO/LITO TECSON)

A SIXTY-ONE-YEAR-OLD man of John Howard township has been locked out of his house and had his property seized for allegedly failing to pay three months’ rental arrears.
Teza Simfukwe, 56, told the Chawama local court that he locked the house because his tenant, Mwila Chingumbe, who has been giving him excuses and does not show willingness to pay K 5,000 rental arrears.
Simfukwe said locking the house was the only means to compel Chingumbe to pay the arrears CLICK TO READ MORE

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