‘Land management needs planning’

MINISTRY of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection permanent secretary Inutu Suba has called for coordinated planning in land management and administration.
Ms Suba said Government is concerned that some traditional leaders are allocating huge chunks of land to investors who are building commercial infrastructure in restricted areas and posing a serious threat to water bodies.
She said land administration should be well coordinated so that protected areas are not tampered with so that future generations benefit from natural resources.
Ms Suba said in Solwezi yesterday that Government will not take kindly to chiefs selling traditional land to investors at the expense of their subjects.
“The law is clear, traditional land must never be sold to anyone because it is under the custodian of chiefs on behalf of the people and it must be given for free to the locals and not for sale,” Ms Suba said.
She also said Government is concerned at the high levels of deforestation in the country.
Ms Suba said councils and the Forestry Department countrywide are not doing enough to curb deforestation.
“We are concerned that people are destroying the environment negligently and ignorantly and I think the councils, local government and our survey departments are not doing enough to stop this,” she said.

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