Land encroachments irk Chingola council


CHINGOLA Municipal Council is spending a lot of resources on land encroachments which can be channelled to development projects in

the mining town.
Mayor Titus Tembo implored all absentee landlords to safeguard their pieces of land to prevent encroachments.
Mr Tembo said in a statement yesterday that in an event of an encroachment, land owners should quickly put measures in place to stop it before illegal structures are built on their property.
“Land illegality in the district is a source of concern to the council as it is spending a lot of time and resources to control the encroachment. The resources spent on controlling the illegality can be channelled to development projects.
“When we are buying a car, we take precautions to ensure that the car we want to buy is not ‘hot’ by making sure that it has a certificate of registration and that it is genuine. Why don’t buyers of land do the same?” he wondered.
Mr Tembo said many people have lost their money due to illegal land transactions.
He said 30 percent of the plots the council advertises are given to women, while 70 percent are offered to those who demonstrate capacity to build especially for high cost plots.
Mr Tembo said the local authority has a transparent system of issuing land where the plot on offer is numbered, advertised and would be developers apply for it after which interviews are conducted.

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