Lafarge launches new retail permit

LAFARGE Zambia has launched a new retail franchise network Bonastore, a global linkage that will stock its various products across the country.

This means that the Kumanga franchise network that has been on the Zambian market for over a year, will transform into Bonastore, a global network that will offer franchisees a lot more opportunities.

Through the initiative, the company hopes to create a new exclusive channel that consists of 90 container stores and 110 brick and mortar affiliation stores by 2021 and is targeting to create about 400 jobs.
Company chief executive officer Vincent Bouckaert said in an effort to improve service delivery, Lafarge decided to rebrand the Kumanga franchise network into Bonastore which had been packed with quality products, professionalism, excellent customer service and many years of experience.
Mr Bouckaert said during the launch of the Bonastore in Lusaka on Wednesday that the objective of Bonastore is to develop a new experience for the end-users, as the customers will find all the products they need to build their houses.


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