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Ladies should marry men that are committed

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I HAVE always told women to date a man who is ready to commit if they expect marriage.
Ladies need to know that what a man wants from you all depends on where he is at in life. Is he ready for marriage or fun?

If a man pursues a woman when he is not ready for marriage, he will simply use you and move on to the next one.

Don’t give in and thereby present him with many rules and conditions to obey that he is not ready for. It is only men that are ready for a commitment that take relationships seriously.
Don’t agree to sleep with him because he says he will marry you even when he is ready at that moment. When he is ready, you might not be the right person for him. He will surely meet someone else. Keep yourself well for someone that marries you and not one that just wants to pass time and use you.
If you meet him living with his parents, don’t bother asking when he will get his own apartment. If he was ready, he could have left before or soon after meeting you. A man’s seriousness to commit starts from him being responsible and taking care of himself before he takes on the responsibility of looking after his wife.
If he was jumping on a bus before you met him and you want to be with him, stop asking him when is going to buy a car or force him to take a car loan just because your ideal husband must own a car.
If he was unemployed when you met him, let him get a job before you date him because that is what will show that he is serious. But once you agree to date a jobless man, do not bother him about finding a job. To have the drive to search for a job should come from him and not you.
You cannot change a man. If you knew him as a player, leave him to continue; don’t get into a relationship with him with the hope that your beauty will change him.
In case you don’t know, the beautiful ones are not yet born, which means there are more beautiful women yet to come after you or yet to be discovered by him.
In case you are coming from a relationship which did not work or did not lead to marriage, do not let anyone lead you into making the same mistakes.
Do not blame yourself for dating a few men that wasted your time.
At the end of the day, failure in a relationship means you should take your time, learn your lessons and go into your next relationship wiser.
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