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Ladies, let’s be wary of fake pastors

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
HOW does a person with a conscience stand in front of a congregation and lie to them about being a true man of God. This trend has become common and some so-called men of God are using God’s name to achieve their own desires.

It is indecent pastors who use God’s name in vain. They lure unsuspecting followers, especially women who are the most gullible.

Seeking God’s face is something any person longs for, but people should not be lazy to read and understand the word of God. Let us not put so much faith in a fellow human being and forget that there is a superior being who we should all seek answers from.
Men, like the one who was recently jailed for using the name of God to advance his own selfish motives, should be a lesson to those who are in similar habits.
The Lusaka High Court sentenced a 28-year-old pastor of Chongwe to 68 years imprisonment with hard labour for using the name of God to advance sexual perversion against four women of the same family.
The court found Semmy Kavinga guilty of the crimes, and sentenced him to 68 years imprisonment with hard labour.
Ms Justice Sharon Newa sentenced Kavinga to 25 years in jail for rape, three years for attempted rape, and 20 years on each count of indecent assault.
The court said Kavinga was a first offender and deserved leniency but his acts leave much to be desired as he used the name of God to advance his perversions, and put his victims at a health risk in event that he had any disease.
“Using the name of the Lord to commit such acts is not only blasphemy but reprehensible. Such acts cannot go unpunished, and the offender deserves the wrath of the law,” the court said.
Kavinga is a pastor of a church in Chongwe and also a student.
Stories of characters like Kavinga hit the headline time and again where women are violated. Such men see the desperation of women and take advantage of them.
In most stories that I have come across where people have been abused, it’s usually women who are the victims because I think men are usually sceptical.
This is the vigour that women should possess to safe guard themselves and not be swayed into doing ungodly things. For sure, I hope the jailing of this man will serve as a lesson to those who think they can hide behind the church to get away with criminal activities.
Meanwhile, last week’s article, ‘Daughter breaks mother’s heart’ attracted some reactions from readers. The article was about a high flyer who was ashamed of her mother and passed her for a maid. The mother died heart broken.
Dear Doris
Sad story indeed. I feel for this lady on how she is feeling after the death of her mother. A mother is a mother no matter what! I am proud of my 80-year-old mother who lives with me and each time I speak with her, it opens a new page in my history book of her! I love her in whatever state she is in. Without her, I would not have been here.
Hello Doris,
Such women should stop and think how they would feel if their children disowned them. I have heard of such stories and little do such children know that they are inviting a curse upon themselves.
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