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Lack of respect earns 19-year-old wife divorce

A teacher of Mwense district in Luapula Province last week asked the Buchi Local Court to dissolve his less than a year old marriage to his 19-year old wife on grounds that she has no respect for him.
Jackson Mwande, 24, has sued his wife, Neria Mwansa, for divorce, arguing that their marriage had no future because it was surrounded by problems from the first week they started living as husband and wife.
The couple got married in April 2016 and separated by December the same year.
They have a child aged two years and nine months whom they had before they got married.
When the matter came up for hearing before Buchi Local Court senior presiding magistrate Nsama Banda, Mwande said he could no longer continue living with Mwansa in matrimony because she had no respect for him and always exposed their marital secrets to the outside.
He narrated that Mwansa had been telling people that he was impotent and that she always called her parents whenever the couple had a misunderstanding.
“She does not obey my instructions as the head of the house and whenever we have a misunderstanding, she always calls her father who in turn calls to shout at me,” Mwande said.
He narrated that Mwansa did also not want him [Mwande] to help out his needy relatives and that she always threatened to leave home if she heard that any of his relatives would visit them.
Mwande testified that when his mother went to visit them, Mwansa was not happy and that she started telling her mother-in-law that her son [Mwande] was impotent.
But Mwansa denied being disrespectful to Mwande and said the couple did not have any tangible problems to warrant a divorce.
She narrated that Mwande’s parents had never accepted her and wanted him to marry a woman from his own village.
Mwansa said there was no way Mwande could divorce her now because he had destroyed her life by making her pregnant when she was only in Grade Nine.
She narrated that she used to financially assist Mwande when he was pursuing his teaching course at Mufulira College of Education and that it was sad now that he was financially viable he wanted to leave her.
But magistrate Banda granted divorce on grounds that there was no love and Mwande had indicated that he no longer wanted the marriage to continue.
She ordered Mwande to maintain Mwansa for a period of one year by paying her K600 every month.
Magistrate Banda granted Mwande custody of the couple’s child since he is the one with a sustainable source of income.

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