Letter to the Editor

Lack of implementation of labour laws

Dear editor,
I WISH to comment on what the Minister of Labour, Joyce Simukoko, said in a daily newspaper of Friday August 18, 2017. What is going on at this ministry? Madam, we only see you on television, newspapers talking about good initiatives and plans but with no action.

I believe there is no one in Zambia who is working and not complaining. We see them on TV while others we just hear them protesting even in big companies like Zesco where they are still working as casuals.
We can give several examples. We are appealing to you to act. We have unions in companies that are non-functional because of intimidation or threats by the owners of the companies. Other companies are abusing our brothers and sisters.
While the normal working hours according to Zambia laws is eight, they start work from 06:00 hours and knock off at 18:00 hours without overtime, with poor salaries, others with no gratuities.
Others have no proper safety attires. Despite the minimum wage Government has set, some workers do not receive it. Despite making submitting their grievances with the Labour Office, they have not received help.
Labour officers should sometimes inspect companies without informing managements and they will see what workers go through.


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