Lack of electricity, water delays opening of Mpupu Boarding School

LACK of electricity and water has delayed opening of the newly constructed Mpupu Boarding Secondary School in Chilubi district, in Northern Province, Chilubi Island district commissioner Ernest Bwalya has said.
Mr Bwalya said in an interview that electricity, water and

sewer system have not been connected and hence the delay in opening the learning institution.
He said people in Chilubi Island are in dire need of the school for their children to access education.
“The lack of water, sewer systems and electricity is the reason the school has not opened as scheduled,” he said.
Mr Bwalya said the school needs basic facilities to operate effectively and to avoid the outbreak of diseases such as cholera and dysentery.
He said lack of electricity is the major challenge especially that it is a boarding school.
Mr Bwalya said the opening of the school will help reduce the number of teenage pregnancies and early marriages as most young people will be in school.
He said the school will only open when electricity, water and the sewer system are installed.


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